The Effect Of Splitting A Novel Into Parts

Most books are divided into chapters, but some books are divided into chapters and 'parts.' Some people think breaks like this are arbitrary. These people are wrong. Not so long ago, I decided to split my novel into parts. This might have been partially influenced from the number of books I was reading at the … Continue reading The Effect Of Splitting A Novel Into Parts

plotting versus pantsing: what plotters don't understand. Picture is a man in red with his hand on his forehead.

3 Things Plotters Don’t Understand About Pantsers

Every writer has heard the "pantsing" versus "plotting" debate. The crux of the debate is that some writers prefer to plan a lot before they start their novel and others don't plan as much. In a community dominated by plotters, here's some things I wish people understood about writing a novel by the seat of your pants.

Writing A Non-Linear Story? Don’t Do This!

Non-linear narratives can be super engaging and fun, but are prone to problems that kill their good qualities. So when should a story be told in a non-linear way?