In Roots They Quake


Creelton is a town of legends. It has long been rumoured that it sits above another, darker world – a world where all the creatures of myth orginate. Some call it Hell. Some call it the Otherworld. Grace McCarthy calls it nonsense. There are plenty of dangers in the woods without populating them with fairies, ghosts, and monsters.

Danger has never bothered her. As a single mother and survival expert, she is prepared for anything. Anything except for the disppearance of her 7-year-old daughter. While searching the woods where Ella went missing, Grace sees something she can’t explain – some kind of creature, unspeakably large, and gone in an instant. At first she dismisses this as a symptom of stress and sleep depravation. But as more and more supernatural happenings occur, she can no longer ignore the impossible: Something haunts Creelton.

Determined to save her child, Grace must set her disbelief aside and use her expertise to hunt it down.

CONTENT WARNINGS: This book contains adult language, bullying, child death, and moderate violence.


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