My Novels

Here’s the massively awesome works you won’t get me to shut up about. Current projects. Future projects. Maybe projects. One thing they all have in common is the wish that one day they’ll be read.

Coming Soon

In a night of chaos and destruction, Ebba is separated from her parents. Her only hope to find them is to go to Guildbury, the radiant city she and her parents used to visit when she was a child.

The journey will not be easy. Thieves and murderers inhabit the woods, but when her chances of survival begin to dwindle, they are the only people she can go to for help.

Coming Soon

Twelve years ago, a tragic fire devastated the indoor city of Mizudoshi. Hanako bares the scar, a burn that covers her scalp and back, where she was caught in the fire as a newborn. As a reminder of this tragic event, she is regarded with anger and resentment.

She must fix the situation – and fast. In Mizudoshi, the worthless and disliked are cast out. She has until her thirteenth birthday.