Happy To Help

“I’m going to find you and smash your skull in.” The call ended with a clatter. She didn’t have time to process what happened. The next customer was fed through the telephone and the call process started again.

The Apartment

It was a terrible decision to rent that place. The photographs mislead me. Dirty advertising tricks.

A Countdown Halved [PREVIEW]

A couple of weeks ago I talked about my writery-woes and mentioned a contest I planned to enter. Well, I decided on a idea. Drafted. Edited. Drafted some more. Lost my confidence. Got it back again. Here’s a preview.

SUPER Short Stories

These were inspired by the single-sentence/six word stories by other Wordpress users. They’re not quite six words, but I think they’re worth sharing. Enjoy!

The Burden

She didn’t understand. He could see it in her face. The word as foreign as the concept. Freedomless.