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10 FREE Stories Short Enough to Read On A Lunch Break

Want to get in a little extra reading on your work lunch break? Working full-time can really eat into your reading time and it can be pretty hard to find a story short enough to squeeze in when you do get a moment to spare. But never fear! Here is a list of stories short enough for you to read in the lunch time rush, while being so captivating that you'll wish they were longer.


Top 10 Creepypastas, According To creepypasta.com

Today I'm reviewing the top ranked creepypastas (at the time of me writing this) on creepypasta.com. What Is A Creepypasta? If you're not familiar with the term, a 'creepypasta' might raise an eyebrow or two. A creepypasta is an internet horror story or legend. Think of them as campfire stories for the online world. What … Continue reading Top 10 Creepypastas, According To creepypasta.com