Book Cover Artist Shout-Out: The Cover Art For ‘THE LAST POLICEMAN’ Is Spectacular

Great book covers are hard to come by. Folks say we shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but let’s be honest we all do it. Readers appreciate an eye-catching cover and cover artists rarely get a shout out. That ends now; I’m shouting out book cover artists and the fantastic work they do, and telling you exactly what makes these book covers the best.

So far, the books I’ve reviewed are:

Whenever I can, I will link to the artist’s website or social media so be sure to click their name and check out their other work!

Cover by Doogie Horner

First, I must say that I love this trilogy. I haven’t loved a trilogy of books this much for years. I freaking adored reading these so much that I read them all in the space of a week. The covers are abolutely spectacular as well, with a consistent, clean design throughout.

If I had to nitpick, I don’t like that it’s not the same model for each photograph. That and the men used don’t match the way the main character is described in the book. (This is a gripe I have with many covers.) My boy Hank has a moustache. Where’s his moustache, Doogie?

Gripes aside, I especially love the cover of the final book. The series chronicles the last months of Earth before an asteroid collides with the planet and destroys all life as we know it. In the middle of these extraoridinary circumstances is the last policeman, the only man who seems to care about the crimes and mysteries that have arisen in this strange new world. By the time our hero has reached his final adventure, in the last days of his life, he is naturally very tired: That image of him with his head in his hands, while his brain splinters into meterorite rocks absolutely sums up what he’s going through.

Kudos to Doogie Horner!

P.S Don’t take that moustache comment to heart, I was being hyperbolic. When it comes to book covers, bad-assery is always better than accuracy. And, Doogie, you nailed it.


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