Book Cover Appreciation: Flood Child by Emily Diamand

Cover by Steve Wells

An oldie book with a goldie book cover. It’s time to some love to the design of Emily Diamand’s Flood Child. This cover is a masterclass in how to show exactly what kind of world the book is inviting you to. A girl in a boat sailing towards a flooded Big Ben. Perfect. I especially love the subtle detail of the shorter buildings being visible through the water.

We instantly know without reading the title, the blurb, or a single line from the book itself that this book takes place in a dystopian world where major cities have been flooded and people are living a sea-faring life. I’m not sure if its just not the trend anymore or if this kind of effort is only put into middle-grade and YA books, but I wish more covers took advantage of a book’s great concept. This is what happens when an artist honours the book they are designing for.

Kudos to Steve Wells!

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