Book Cover Artist Shout-Out: The Cover Art For ‘FLOOD CHILD’ Embodies Its Concept

Great book covers are hard to come by. Folks say we shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but let’s be honest we all do it. Readers appreciate an eye-catching cover and cover artists rarely get a shout out. That ends now; I’m shouting out book cover artists and the fantastic work they do, and telling you exactly what makes these book covers the best.

So far, the books I’ve reviewed are:

Whenever I can, I will link to the artist’s website or social media so be sure to click their name and check out their other work!

Cover by Steve Wells

An oldie book with a goldie book cover. It’s time to some love to the design of Emily Diamand’s Flood Child. This cover is a masterclass in how to show exactly what kind of world the book is inviting you to. A girl in a boat sailing towards a flooded Big Ben. Perfect. I especially love the subtle detail of the shorter buildings being visible through the water.

We instantly know without reading the title, the blurb, or a single line from the book itself that this book takes place in a dystopian world where major cities have been flooded and people are living a sea-faring life. I’m not sure if its just not the trend anymore or if this kind of effort is only put into middle-grade and YA books, but I wish more covers took advantage of a book’s great concept. This is what happens when an artist honours the book they are designing for.

Kudos to Steve Wells!


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