Book Cover Artist Shout-Out: Cover Art For ‘SIX WAKES’ Is Better Than The Book

Great book covers are hard to come by. Folks say we shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but let’s be honest we all do it. Readers appreciate an eye-catching cover and cover artists rarely get a shout out. That ends now; I’m shouting out book cover artists and the fantastic work they do, and telling you exactly what makes these book covers the best.

So far, the books I’ve reviewed are:

Whenever I can, I will link to the artist’s website or social media so be sure to click their name and check out their other work!

Cover by Kirk Benshoff

Let’s just be brutally honest for a second: This cover is too good for this book. You could even say that this is an example of a good cover working against the story.

The image is of a body floating through space, promising murder, intrigue, and tension. While there is that in the book, there’s no body floating in space in the actual narrative. But this isn’t a book review. I’m not here to gripe about the story, I’m here to compliment some good design. The image is so engaging that it deserves to be appreciated.

Kudos to Kirk Benshoff!


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