The Best Story Titles You’ve Never Heard (Not Just Books)

Are you struggling to title your novel? Do you admire a great collection of words? Look no further than this list of absolutely fantastic story titles.

I love a story title that’s more than what it appears, book titles that change meaning after the story ends, or those with double meanings. The best titles are interesting before you open the pages and profound once you close them. These titles can easily be split into three categories. If you’re tilting your next project, ask yourself if it fits into one of these categories.

1. Titles That Are Thematic

The World Ends With You

By far my favourite title of anything ever. I could write a whole essay on this alone. At the start of The World Ends With You, that statement might sound depressing. By the end, you realise it’s the most motivation statement you will ever hear.


It’s about trees. And losing your sense of community. And being attacked by giant demon mantises.

The Devil Wears Prada

Prada is evil, everyone. At least, this prada wearing devil is.

The Mother Code

Is motherhood programmable? Asking for a post-apocalypse novel.

2. Titles That Tease The Ending

The Thief Lord

Hey, kids! Can you tell me the last line of this book? If you’re only halfway through or your memory of this book is hazy, who this is actually referring to might surprise you.

The Man Who Fell To Earth

This should really be called The Man Who Fell On Earth, but in this case the meaning is the same. My heart is still very, very broken.

What Remains Of Edith Finch

This does what ‘John Dies At The End’ does but in a much subtler and much more profound way. I will probably never read John Dies At The End, but I will come back to the story in What Remains Of Edith Finch again and again.

3. Titles That Say What The Story Is About

The Last Policeman

A masterclass in to hook your reader with only three words. Oh, and the last policeman himself is a heartthrob of a hero. Highly reccomend.


To say this title is just stating what the story is about is actually a disservice. Searching is a 2018 movie about a dad, you guessed it, searching for his missing daughter. The hook? The movie takes place entirely on a computer screen. He’s literally google searching for his kid. It’s Unfriended but good.

Back To The Future

Okay, you’ve all definately heard of this one but I rarely see it on title appreciation lists and I don’t understand why. Fun. Witty. A play on words. Pass me a fan to flutter dramatically before I swoon at this simple, yet perfect moniker.

You read to the end! I tip my hat to you.

If you liked this, let me know 🙂


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