12 Bizarre Questions I’ve Googled As A Writer

Sometimes when you’re writing, you need a little help. Sometimes that means a huge undergoing of research, as you’ll see from my research tag. Other times it is the dumbest things you’ll ever see. Here’s 12 of the dumbest, funniest, and downright bizarre things I’ve recently googled for the sake of my creative writing.

  1. “How many apple seeds does it take to kill someone?”
  2. “What happens to dead bodies kept in ice?”
  3. “Can robots feel emotions?” – this one prompted one of my Stuff I Learnt For My Novel Posts.
  4. “How to spell (insert any simple word I should already know)”
  5. “Boy names meaning X” and “girl names meaning X” and “gender neutral names meaning X” – Essentially names and their meanings take up a bulk of my writing research. My internet history makes me look like I’m chronically pregnant.
  6. “Ways to get to the Otherworld.” – may or may not do an extended post on this. This is for a current WIP, after all. More on that here.
internet history listing searches of "burial mounds" "tumulus" "Celtic Otherworld" and "Ways to the otherworld"
A Writer’s Search History Is A Hell Of A Thing
  1. “What was the top UK news story on Tuesday the 3rd of October 2017?”
  2. “What day was (insert date here)” – My current WIP takes place in 2017, so I’ve been asking google this question A LOT.
  3. “How to name a fictional town?” + the hundreds of searches were I’ve had to check that my fictional town doesn’t already exist.
  4. “What can seven-year-olds drink?”
  5. “When was DNA testing invented?”
  6. “What is the suckie thing on a bottle?”

Now excuse me while I delete my internet history.

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