100 Reasons STAR WARS & KINGDOM HEARTS Are The Same

It’s May 4th, which means it’s Star Wars Day. It’s also been a couple of weeks since the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary so I figured why not celebrate both? Enjoy this list of similarities between the epic space fantasy and the magical Disney crossover.


  1. Disney.
  2. The series wasn’t made in chronological order.
  3. The protagonists have a desire to travel to another world.
  4. There are multiple other worlds.
  5. Said worlds are under threat from a nearly impossible-to-defeat world-killer.
  6. Interstellar space fights.
  7. There’s an ancient weapon of super-duper importance.
  8. …which is then overused like mad in the prequels.
  9. Being a wielder of said magic weapon gives you street cred.
  10. Said weapon doesn’t look threatening at all, actually.
  11. The female lead in the original trio of heroes is a princess.
  12. Mark Hamill.
  13. Christopher Lee.
  14. Light versus darkness.
  15. Gold Eyes = Evil/Corruption.
  1. The hero must rescue another character from the dark side.
  2. …and this is a recurring theme in both series.
  3. There’s an evil character who wears a helmet.
  4. The apprentice battles their master.
  5. Or they’re battling their former best friend.
  6. When best friend or master is unavailable to battle, a character might just end up fighting their metaphorical shadow-self.
  7. But at least they do it to epic music.
  8. And with impossible stunts.
  9. Most of the problems in the series was caused by one guy.
  10. “Give in to your anger.”
  11. Downfall of the previous hero is what leads the next one to start their quest.
  12. And this happens for at least three generations of hero. You’d think someone would learn their lesson.
  13. Also a previous protagonist falls to the dark side through misguidance from older mentor figure and ultimately becomes the iconic villain of the series.
  14. Said fallen protagonist is then trapped in a suit of armour.
  15. Smelling.
  1. When major characters die, there’s rarely a body. Instead they fade away. Though is is probably because they’re going to come back as some kind of ghost. Speaking of…
  2. Ghosts.
  3. Casual child murder.
  4. Nearly everybody is an orphan.
  5. If you’re not an orphan, your parents either don’t matter or are evil.
  6. Prequels.
  7. Prequels to prequels.
  8. Re-release, after re-release, after re-release.
  9. There’s a wise, elderly and somewhat magical hermit who guides our heroes on their quest.
  10. There’s wild-haired, somewhat mean rogue who secretly has a heart of gold.
  11. Said rogue ends up saving the day.
  12. One of the most powerful characters in the series is under 3 ft and has a speech impediment.
  13. One character is constantly accused of being a Mary-Sue.
  14. Secret connections.
  15. Adorable non-human characters.
Art by… ME! Visit my art blog artistinahat.com
  1. Last-minute redemption and/or forgiveness for major antagonist.
  2. …who, let’s be honest, didn’t really deserve it.
  3. Prophesies gone wrong.
  4. Lose your weapon? Don’t worry! You can summon it into your hand with the Force…or something.
  5. Wayfinders.
  6. Communicating across space via the Force…or something. (Though for Kingdom Hearts this only happens in Birth By Sleep).
  7. There are over a dozen entries into the series.
  8. Continuity errors.
  9. Awkward dialogue.
  10. Actors growing old.
  11. Mystical otherworldly magic will guide the way!
  12. “Trust your feelings.”
  13. That one time the characters got swallowed by a large creature in space.
  14. Fear is the path to the dark side.
  15. Incomplete archives.
  1. Mind control.
  2. Villains coming back from the dead.
  3. Characters getting electrocuted.
  4. Prequels answer questions we didn’t really want answering in first place, and often to the detriment of the series as a whole.
  5. Hilarious character introduced in a prequel becomes instantly loved by all.
  6. Clones.
  7. Fourth-wall breaking.
  8. Cameos.
  9. Major character changes his name and clothes to hide their identity.
  10. “We do not grant you the mark of master.”
  11. Character who was denied becoming the master sets out to prove himself and, naturally, messes up everything.
  12. Characters sitting in a circle.
  13. Characters defy the laws of gravity.
  14. “I’ll kill the one you love to provoke you into anger.”
  15. That one lady from the prequels everybody loves.
  1. “Have you ever heard of… [long-winded backstory.]”
  2. Cloaks.
  3. That moment when the character takes of their mask.
  4. Seriously bad parenting/mentoring/teaching.
  5. Beloved characters return in an unexpected and epic way to save another.
  6. Heroes slice through enemies like they’re nothing.
  7. “My soul will pass into yours.”
  8. The princess character who has the potential to be a Jedi or a Keyblade Master and isn’t because the writers don’t want that, I guess.
  9. Characters who used up all their powers to save the one they loved and then died.
  10. Supporting comedic duo.
  11. James Arnold Taylor.
  12. Corey Burton.
  13. Ben Diskin.
  14. Genocide.
  15. Teddy bears.
  1. Spin-offs.
  2. Hero falls/goes missing and his friends go on a quest to find him.
  3. Comatose characters.
  4. Villains all secretly work for or are involved with one, big bad villain.
  5. There is an unexplained, magical entity that is a source of influence and power.
  6. The series creator sometimes makes decisions that not all fans agree with.
  7. There’s no sign the series will ever truly end.
  8. Fans will point to that one arc that ruined the series for them.
  9. Fans will come back to it over and over again, even after they say they’ve fallen out of love with it.
  10. May the force be with you/May your heart be your guiding key.

Phew! And there we have it.

Happy Star Wars Day everyone, and a happy belated Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary.

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