SUPER Short Stories: Horror Collection

Here’s some more super short stories that didn’t fit with the others, because these ended up quite creepy! If you like these, check out my stories Home Not Safe and Artificial Light.

I’m driving down a one-way road in the rain and there’s a truck coming towards me.

The door handle rattles. She’s trying to get out the basement again.

If you’re reading this, you’ve taken your interest too far.

I went to sleep in my mother’s house. Problem is, that isn’t where I woke up.

I dropped my car keys. My pursuer caught up.

I come home to find my front door open, but everyone who would want to visit me has been murdered.

Photo by Lennart Wittstock from Pexels.

Published by

J.H. Dixon

What's this? An author's brand? You mean I have to boil down my complex human personality into something marketable? That's a lot of pressure. Where would I even begin? I have many facets. Many hats, if you will. One second I'm scribbling down heart-stopping thrillers, the next I'm writing a rhyming poem about a rabbit stealing eggs. What I'm writing could change any minute. No writer should have to stick to just one hat.

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