SUPER Short Stories

These were inspired by the single-sentence/six word stories by other WordPress users. They’re not quite six words, but I think they’re worth sharing. Enjoy!

Flatmate wanted, preferably undead.

Language books printed blank. Communication skills lacking.

FLOODED ZONE – Expect sirens for 3 miles.

Crop Circles Found. Suspect: Man covered in paper cuts.

Air pollution protest organised by local werewolves.

The only book shelf I’d ever seen was called ‘Library.’

Find the header photo here.

Published by

J.H. Dixon

What's this? An author's brand? You mean I have to boil down my complex human personality into something marketable? That's a lot of pressure. Where would I even begin? I have many facets. Many hats, if you will. One second I'm scribbling down heart-stopping thrillers, the next I'm writing a rhyming poem about a rabbit stealing eggs. What I'm writing could change any minute. No writer should have to stick to just one hat.

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