Love Stories? Top 5 YouTubers You Need to Subscribe To!

Did you know there’s a ton of awesome stories on YouTube? From short films to audio stories, there’s plenty of fiction to enjoy.

5. FULL audio books for everyone.

Okay. This one is pretty obvious, which is why its number 5.  It’s a collection of public domain audio books, completely free and completely legal to listen to.

4. CGMeetup

CGMeetup is just one of dozens of Youtube channels featuring CGI short films. You’ve probably seen at least one of their videos making the rounds on your Facebook feed.

There’s a huge variety. Some short, some longer. Some with dialogue, some without. Some creepy, some funny. You’re bound to find something you like. Go explore!

3. Cry Reads

(WARNING: Gore. Not for children.)

This is actually a gaming channel, but there is a small section dedicated to reading stories posted by reddit users. While I wish there was more of it, its the excellent voice work that puts this at number 3. Cry’s voice is perfect for the creepy stories featured.

2. TheNamelessDoll

Here’s something a little more obscure. Not a lot of people know that Youtube has a community of film enthusiasts who delicately manipulate existing movies into new and innovative stories. If you’ve never tried it, let me tell you – it takes a lot of time and practice.

TheNamelessDoll is one of the best at this. What I love about her stories is that they are told visually, or with captions, making them more accessible. One of her most popular videos To Belong is even on its way to becoming its own animated show!

1. Katy Towell

Number 1 is the Youtube channel of author and illustrator Katy Towell. Known in the early days as Childrin R Skary, this channel has creepy audio stories and cartoons for children and teens.

I absolutely recommend The Lady on the Screen Porch, The Autumnal Collector, and After the Stars Fell.

Header Photo by from Pexels

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