5 New Year Resolutions For Writers

Are you looking to make the new year a good one for your writing career? Here’s 5 resolutions you need to try.

1. Read a book a month

Writers should be the most enthusiastic readers, but let’s be honest, a lot of us either put it off or don’t make the time.

But a book a month? That’s four weeks, folks. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it? That’s any book, any size. No one is asking you to knock out The Lord of the Rings saga.

Give it a try! I know I’m going to.

Got this reading thing in the bag? Check out 5 Challenges For Avid Readers in 2019.


2. Try a new type of creative writing

Prose, poetry, descriptive essays, and screenplays – there’s a ton of different ways to write creatively. Try something new! Novelists, try some poetry.  Poets, write a screenplay. It might go terribly, but it can only improve your writing.

Check out my flash fiction The Traitor.


3. Enter a writing competition

If you’re like me, you’re new to this ‘sharing your work’ thing. *shudders* Why not use the New Year motivation to enter a writing competition? I did this a couple of times in 2018, and while I didn’t win, it was good practice. Be brave and go for it!


4. Write WAY outside of your genre

It’s nice to have a niche, but sometimes you’ve gotta shake things up a bit. What do you write most often? (Maybe ask your friends or followers if you’ve got blinders.)

Comfortable in historical? Go space-hopping in far-future science fiction! Like fantasy? Time to stick to some hard facts – write contemporary or even non-fiction.

Where ever you stick normally, find the complete opposite genre and write, write, write!


5. Get rid of all distractions for at least one month

Social media. Spotify. Youtube. Whatever it is, block it. Get the Stayfocused Chrome extension and nuke those distractions to oblivion. Go somewhere without the internet, or better yet, ditch the laptop and write in a notebook for a change.

“But I need the internet for research!”

No. You don’t.

You have books. Go to the library. Or do some free writing. Focus on your characters backstory and correct misinformation later.

Published by

J.H. Dixon

What's this? An author's brand? You mean I have to boil down my complex human personality into something marketable? That's a lot of pressure. Where would I even begin? I have many facets. Many hats, if you will. One second I'm scribbling down heart-stopping thrillers, the next I'm writing a rhyming poem about a rabbit stealing eggs. What I'm writing could change any minute. No writer should have to stick to just one hat.

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