5 Challenges For Avid Readers in 2019

Looking for a reading challenge this year? Here’s 5 ideas to spruce up your reading life.

reading challenge for book lovers

1. Keep a record of all the books you read

Are you really an avid reader? Prove it. How many books did you read in 2018? Can you beat that number in 2019? Show everyone there’s no bigger bookworm than you!

2. Go back to a book you never finished

Remember that book you put down for whatever reason? Well, why not go back to it? Even if you don’t have fond memories of it, you might find your tastes have changed or you judged it too soon.

I did this with Julia Donaldson’s Running On the Cracks and honestly I can’t remember why I ever put it down because it was very enjoyable!


3. DON’T buy any new books (at least until you’ve read the ones you’ve got.)

I’ve got them, we’ve all got them. Finish that book you’ve never touched before you jump into the bookstore on you’re next outing. How’s THAT for a challenge?

4. Read a genre you wouldn’t normally.

Love romance? Pick up science fiction.

Love historical? Try some contemporary.

Heck, don’t even look – just pick up a book and read it. You never know, you might find something unexpected and new to love.

5. Love a book? DM the author. (And tell your friends)

They’ll love to hear from you, trust me, even if its ‘Eeee I love your book.’ Go make an author’s day.

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Published by

J.H. Dixon

What's this? An author's brand? You mean I have to boil down my complex human personality into something marketable? That's a lot of pressure. Where would I even begin? I have many facets. Many hats, if you will. One second I'm scribbling down heart-stopping thrillers, the next I'm writing a rhyming poem about a rabbit stealing eggs. What I'm writing could change any minute. No writer should have to stick to just one hat.

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