It’s National Novel Writing Month!

While I was pretty set on NOT taking part due to multiple uni assignments due this month, I’ve only gone and changed my mind. You can now find me on the NaNoWriMo site.


What happened? Why did I change my mind?

But first! How did October go?

This Month’s Word Count: 11,121

A big improvement from last month. Hooray!

Major developments? I did some extra character building for one of my antagonists.

Whenever I get writer’s block or can’t think what happens next in the story, I go back to world-building and character building. This month’s character building work helped me figure out why I was struggling to write an action scene – my antagonist was out of character. His motivation and personality didn’t match the scene.

And off that inner editor went, hacking my scenes apart. Writing is a constant shift between creation and destruction.

Another major development was in the plot. On their long journey, my protagonists find themselves journeying through the mountains. This setting rich is for conflict. Contrary to the above, this development came about from pantsing. Sitting and bleeding, as Ernest Hemingway puts it.

And it was awesome. 

Sometimes, writing gets too methodical. It’s great to just let loose and go nuts without worrying about editing, structure, theme, or any of that. Those things are important, yes, but sometimes the best writing comes out of just doing it.

And that brings us to NaNoWriMo.

I was busy, I said. I have assignments due, I said. Four assignments!

Why did I change my mind? Was one spontaneous writing session really enough to convince me to take on this beast?


Okay, not really. I mean, my plan is to pretty much wing it. Write whatever. Do away with the inner editor. Make it my happy place in a sea of uni assignments instead of an extra workload.

But I also want to test myself.

The general consensus around writers is you have to make time to write. Every day. No matter what’s going on. There are writers who work 9 – 5 jobs and manage to find time to write.

There’s nothing stopping us.

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