Feeling pretty frustrated this month, since progress hasn’t been moving like I want it to.

There’s reasons for this: I’ve been working on and off my WIP to work on short stories, uni work, and getting this site up to scratch – and procrastinating. Mostly procrastinating. Yes, I gave into temptation. Satan’s cousin. The writer’s greatest enemy. So sadly, I haven’t spent as much time as I would have liked on my manuscript.

But it isn’t all bad. After weeks of bumbling around, I’ve knuckled down and written a scene list for my WIP. My mess of a manuscript is in stark focus, and I can organise my work according to the scene list. It’s just a matter of committing time and finding that balance between my WIP and my other projects – something I struggle with a lot!

Things picked up in the last week of the month. I spent the week visiting nature reserves across North England – very inspiring! Scenes early in Act Two that focus on survival and character-building were outlined and partially typed thanks to these visits. It was also good to clear my head, stopped me from feeling down! 😀


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