The Traitor

Flash fiction featuring: Friendship, Betrayal, Alcohol, Rated 13+ for implied alcoholism.

Charlotte wondered if it was possible to reconcile after a betrayal. When Emma proposed they meet at a bar, after years of silence, it was tempting to ignore her. But she was curious – could old friends reconcile?

Emma lifted her beer. “Glad I managed to get you out. Cheers!”

A flash of heat went to Charlotte’s cheeks. She fumbled, and her knuckles hit Emma’s glass as she attempted the toast. Emma eyed her like she was a skittish bird. She wasn’t wrong. How many times had she looked at the door now? Charlotte put her glass down without drinking. “How are you?”

“Good, good.” Emma hummed over a sip of beer. “Did you get my message?”

“Which one?”

“About Jimmy.”



“Oh – y-yes, I think so. I can’t remember.” She didn’t want to think about the messages, piling up on a mobile she didn’t use.

“Missed you at the funeral.” Emma stared into her empty glass and stood. “Never mind, eh. Another drink?”

Charlotte didn’t have the chance to answer before Emma was gone. She clenched the table to stop her springing for the door, suppressed the voice that screamed run while you can! When Emma came back, they talked about dating, and makeup, and TV shows. She didn’t bring up the other messages, or the empty seat at Jimmy’s funeral, and Charlotte didn’t bring up how Emma drank more now they were strangers.


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